The Problem

Statistics show that paper checks are the most commonly used method of payment today, other than cash. On average, 1% to 3% of these checks are returned, primarily due to insufficient funds. Companies using traditional collection methods oftentimes devote an inordinate amount of time and resources recovering these funds-a costly endeavor that often results in little reward and reduced profitability.

The Solution

Reality Check Corp. efficiently and discreetly handles the collection of your customer's checks that have been returned due to non-sufficient funds. It is one of the fastest and most efficient methods of check recovery available and uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network for re-presentment directly to the check writer's bank account. Once converted from paper, all collection efforts are handled electronically from beginning to end, so you will never have to spend valuable time and money in the collection process.

Features/ Benefits

By using Reality Check Corp . your business can.

. Avoid spending time and money on collections!
A true, no-cost service! It costs nothing to utilize Reality Check Corp. - no equipment rental, statement, or load fees.

. Recover 100% of the Check's Face Value when collected electronically
The check writer's account is charged the state-regulated NSF fee to cover the cost of collection.

. Utilize the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network
Gain quicker access to funds thru the Federal Reserve. Avoid aggressive collection methods while maintaining control of the recovery process.

. Improve your rate of recovery through strategic presentment
We utilize proven "time slots" to submit checks. This ensures faster settlement of funds and a higher rate of collection.

. Enjoy the power of two additional submissions
Returned checks can be re-presented  electronically two times, giving you an extra opportunity to recover your funds.

. Increase the speed of collection through electronic submission
Converted checks in the ACH Network enjoy "first-in-line" status.

. Track items and download reports 24/7
Online reporting provides the fastest method of tracking returned checks through an easy-to-use Web interface. See reports by date range, store number or amount. Download reports in Microsoft ExcelT  for internal use.

. Gain timely transfer of funds
All funds are moved electronically, which means you get your money faster.

. Identify customer service issues
Frequent reports often reveal repeat offenders and other customer issues
earlier so they can be readily resolved.

. Focus on day-to-day operations
As an outsourced solution, Reality Check Corp. allows you to concentrate on the business at hand.

How Electronic Check Recovery Works

The Reality Check Corp . accelerated recovery process is a risk-free business advantage to you. Electronic re-presentment and recovery results in 40% to 50% higher collection rates over manual check collection methods, and you receive your money faster.

When a dishonored check is returned to your bank:

1.  Your financial institution forwards the returned item directly to Reality Check Corp. processing center where it is converted into an electronic transaction via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. You can view images of the checks online.

2.  Within a few days, the item is re-presented at strategic times to check writer's bank for payment. Using this electronic method, checks generally have "first-in-line" payment status in the banking network. If the account still has insufficient funds, the process allows a second, and final, electronic re-presentment.

3.  Upon successful collection, your account is credited with 100% of the check's face value via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

4.  The face value of check, plus applicable state NSF fees, is debited from your customer's bank account.

5.  If funds cannot be collected electronically, Reality Check Corp. offers traditional collection methods, or the check is returned to you.

FAQ's about "Electronic Check Recovery "

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